“Infinite choice + infinitesimal cost = nomadic eclecticism as the default mode for today’s music fan.”

I completely agree with this statement- and would go even farther to describe the way that people can do voiceovers on their cats singing a musical number from Cats the musical or whatever they want and it can be called music.

“Xenomania and retromania are both forms of exoticism. The difference is that xenomania is about geographical remoteness, whereas retromania is about distance in time” Okay, what? First what does xenomania mean? Well Samantha says that it is a play on xenophobia and xenophilia but what does the intersection imply? Is she trying to say that there is a craziness implicit in Western fears of other cultures and their love of cool new music? Not sure. At all. The clarification that it is about geographical remoteness doesn’t take into account the words definition as fear of outsiders. Next, retromania: is she explaining the metaphysical concept that all things have happened in the past or in the future but never in the present because of the way in which people think about themselves and life? I don’t think so. I think she is probably commenting on retro music- or rather “musical pasts” of nonwestern countries. She does say that it is about distance in time but how much distance and what kind of music is she referring to? Thirdly- exoticism. This one is easier for me to digest. These two made up terms are exotic and implicitly convey some sort of “difference” not between each other but within the word.

I know this is a very in depth analysis of one sentence but it seems to be the basis of her whole argument so I wanted to try to grapple with it and seem to have failed but hopefully have helped somebody in some way deal with the words if they were having difficulties like I am with these terms.


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