What is/n’t Music?

The Nasr article explores what is and isn’t musica. The Islamic music praises Allah and all music that does not is not musica- it can be music for the military or for work but either way there is a distinction. We have not explored the question of what is music yet… the idea that there is non music is actually fascinating considering our discussions in class. The first day we said what kind of music we either hated or was the most discordant moment of music for us. So is dub still music because it remixes music? Are remixes of popular music still considered music? To some people yes, to other more hard-core purists no. So who gets to define what music is?

In the Nasr article there is a definitive line between music and not music. For religion and not for religion. In the West/United States, that line gets completely blurred. Do we need to have a system that defines our western music or is it okay to consider the music that a homeless man plays on a line of dirty buckets as music? Should we have standards or rules that define music? I think that sounds that affect a listener can be considered music and that putting definitive terms eliminates the possibility for creativity and spontaneous production. Think of a world without remixes! How uncool!


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