Transitional and Transnational Tunes- March 29, 2012

I was interested by the way that the “Ecumenical America” article presented the way that music shifted from Jamaica to the US rather than from the US to other countries. I often, subconsciously and sadly, think of the US as the predominate music culture with our Hollywood agencies and the prevalence of pop. I had an experience singing Wonderwall by Oasis in English on a subway in Spain when it came on over the loudspeakers with a huge group of my non-english speaking Spanish friends, and I believe that was the beginning of my personal formation of this bias towards thinking that most music is imported from the US to other cultures (like “Bollywood” and in European discotheques)

My main reaction to the authors description of how reggae came to America was the deep historical context by which it came to be- the “in the streets” rough and tough immigrants bringing Marley’s music to popular music concerts like Rock the Bells and Blazed and Confused concerts. I had many questions about some of the specifics such as the “separate but truly equal part on page 113 but appreciated and felt like I understood what the author meant by “transnational space” – or at least think I understood it!


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